In my last newsletter, I talked about visiting three different Protestant churches on one Sunday and highlighted some things that I appreciated about how they ran their services.

In fact, you can watch the video HERE on Hello Saints.

Now, I’d like to turn the tables and highlight specific traditions we have that I appreciated more by attending other churches.

1. I Like Dressing Up

We may look at more charismatic churches and see people (even the pastor on the stage) wearing jeans and hoodies and think, “Dang, that looks like a comfortable way to go to church.” However, I think there is power in dressing up in your Sunday best. Not only do I appreciate the confidence a nice suit brings me, but it is also an easy way to shift into a Sabbath state of mind. It also has great benefits for children as well.

2. Our Communion Tradition

Communion was only offered at 2 of the 3 churches I attended. From what I understand, it’s sort of a passive experience for most Protestants and isn’t always offered. We’ve done a great job making the sacrament the pinnacle of our Sunday worship experience. I love the symbolism, the young deacons’ involvement, the prayer, the quiet, the contemplation, the renewal. It is the reason why I show up each week.

3. Our Ordinance Tradition

Similar to what I just said, I appreciate our focus on ordinances in general. I know many Protestants give us a lot of flack because of this as they interpret it as required “works” to get into God’s presence. Of course, it’s more complex than that. I simply appreciate that similar to when I fell in love with my wife I wanted to step into a ceremony to symbolize my commitment and solemnize the relationship. I want the same experience with the God I worship. I want a passageway, a rite, a symbol of commitment that I am on His course and in relationship with Him. This isn’t to earn anything — only to symbolize the commitment.

4. Lay Leadership

I’m sort of torn on this one. I am impressed by the power that can come from a full-time pastor who is constantly preparing for next Sunday and has spent years in theological and pastoral training. However, I love what our lay leadership experience does for individuals and our faith community in general. It has a sanctifying nature that I wish everyone could experience. Of course, it sometimes makes for boring meetings, awkward talks, and chaos at times, but it’s beautiful in its nature. I want to give every mechanic, homemaker, farmer, and introverted engineer a chance to lead and watch God’s glory be made manifest.

What do you appreciate about our Sunday church tradition that other churches might consider?


Kurt Francom
Executive Director
Leading Saints

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