Hear Your Voice on the Leading Saints Podcast

We want to introduce the Leading Saints community to… THE LEADING SAINTS COMMUNITY!
To do this we are going to feature the voices from our audience by letting them give a testimonial or even read the introduction of the podcast.
Please consider the following options below and share a testimonial about how Leading Saints has impacted your service as a lay leader.

How to record a testimonial of Leading Saints:

  1. Click the green button below
  2. State your name, where you are from, and then share a testimonial about Leading Saints and how it has impacted your experience as a leader. The best way to do this is to share a story or an example of how you have used the Leading Saints resource in your leadership service or in life. End your recording by saying “Be a leader, not a calling.” You only have five minutes to record so keep it concise.
  3. Stop recording
  4. Listen to recording and record again if you would like
  5. Enter name and email
  6. Submit recording by clicking “send”

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