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There is a lot of confusion out there about Young Women in Excellence (YWIE) and New Beginnings. The following chart will help you see the differences between these two activities and their respective purposes.

Chart explaining New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellence
Page 2 of chart explaining New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellence

Download the PDF: New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellence chart

What Is the Difference Between YWIE and New Beginnings?

I’m glad you asked! New Beginnings is an annual orientation event about the personal progress and young women programs. It is primarily for girls advancing from primary and parents of young women. Its purpose is to help parents understand the personal progress program and inform them of events coming the year, and to help younger girls understand what personal progress is. New beginnings also includes presentations on the class purposes and symbols and the young women theme and logo.

YWIE is a celebration of the personal progress program. During YWIE, leaders focus on young women as individuals rather than the personal progress program itself.

For more detailed information about YWIE and new beginnings, refer to the above links at Jenny’s site, MormonShare.Com.

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