Cydney Afton Hatch is a polka-dot-wearing business owner, photographer, cupcake enthusiast and recently-turned writer, who through her work shares her personal experience with divorce and encourages others to rebuild their lives, redefine their relationship with God, and find peace.

As a lifelong member of the church and always having a gift for finding and creating beauty, her biggest challenge was finding beauty in the aftermath of her divorce.
Through her faith in Christ, she has found that even in the challenges of life there is beauty in the struggle. Turning to faith with patience, many tears, a big dose of laughter, and creativity, Cydney embraced her unexpected life and found beauty even in her struggles.

Raised in the nation’s capital of Washington D.C., Cydney owns Afton Photography where her work has been featured in major publications including Cosmopolitan, The Hill, The Washington Post, and Minted.
She received a bachelors of History from Brigham Young University-Idaho, has worked with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and currently works for Disruptive Advertising.
She resides in Utah.

Episode Highlights

4:15 Married in 2011 & divorced after 3 years
6:45 Peace about letting go of her marriage
7:30 How she sought help for her marriage
8:00 Going to see the bishop
Talk about it—there needs to be more discussion in the church about divorce
12:45 Cydney’s decision to go to the bishop
17:00 The need for resources for single parenting & divorce in the church
22:15 What resources can help someone who is divorced feel love & stay active in the church
24:00 Divorce members need to be involved
26:00 The grieving process of divorce
31:45 Rock bottom is from where we rebuild
34:00 How bishops can help through & after divorce
38:30 Normalizing divorce in the church
40:00 How to include divorced members
43:30 Cydney’s journey since her divorce
45:15 How can a YSA bishop encourage a divorced member


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