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Leading Saints is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping lay leaders in the LDS Church enhance their leadership ability and capacity. This is accomplished through written articles, podcast episodes, and social media..

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The Leading Saints podcast is hosted by Kurt Francom, Executive Director.


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Hello there. My name is KaLee and my husband Neal and I are living in São Paulo, Brasil … I found your podcast just by “accident” while looking for uplifting LDS podcasts to listen to during the day. I just wanted to share with you how much it has helped me. The really amazing part about it is that while I am listening to the experiences of other people and how they lead in the church, and I am prompted about what I can do in my calling, it usually has little to do with what the speaker is talking about. Everything that is said has been great, but it is a true testament to how you are leading the podcast that I am able to receive my own personal promptings through the Spirit.

Thank you for all your dedication. I will share with people down here as well, at least those who speak English.


My sister announced to the family at Christmas that she is transgender. She just started taking testosterone to more fully transition. That episode of yours changed my paradigm and led me to spend a lot more time in fasting and prayer. I have a very different outlook now than I had before in how I love and respect my sister.


I really appreciate your work on Leading Saints. I have shared it with all of the Bishops in my Stake and hope that it trickles down in their Wards. I have also advised my entire Ward council to follow your posts.


I wanted to thank you for this site. This is one of the first places I landed when I was called as Elders Quorum President back in July. This site makes so much sense to someone like me who is trying to think outside the box and looking for successful ideas that I would have never come up with on my own.
I actually just referred my brother, who is a bishop, to your site and expect that he will find great value as well. Thanks!


Leading Saints has had a huge impact in my training as a bishop. Just listening to all these podcasts and reading comments has certainly shaped and prepared me for many things. It influences how I run meetings and how I interact on many levels. I am better at counseling with councils for sure. Leading Saints has been a great supplement to my personal studies and my official church training and experience.


Kurt, I’m happy to support your great enterprise. And wow you have had some great episodes this past month! I get through my morning run without even realizing I’ve been running for half an hour because I get so absorbed in the podcast.


I just wanted to give you some positive feedback.  You have had so many great podcasts over the last several months and have really helped me to minister to my ward as bishop (I'm now about 15 months into my calling).
As I listened to Jacob Kalil's story, I had impressions that I should challenge the ward council and the elders quorum as a whole to set goals this year to be a mentor to someone in the ward, and to go outside the "ordinary" to bless someone's life.  I snuck in at the end of elder's quorum and that idea fit perfectly with the lesson from the presidency (that doesn't come as a surprise to me anymore but it still feels like a blessing when we see the Spirit is working in parallel ways within the ward).
I also have used Tommy Haws' five principles several times over the past few weeks... What a powerful meeting!
I feel like you are my mentor as I continue to try to learn the ins and outs of being a bishop, and I owe you a huge thank you for your insights and your efforts. You are a real blessing to me and to the members of [my ward]!
God bless you and your family.


I've recently been called to the Bishopric and your website has been a great help to me as I feel my way through this journey. I really appreciate the work that you are doing.


If you ever plan to come to Samoa please let me know. We would love to host you.


I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for all things Leading Saints. I'm a new member of the bishopric of the Bayside Ward, Virginia Beach Stake and have found tremendous help in your podcasts and website.


I wanted to reach out to simply say, thank you for creating this podcast and producing this content. I travel weekly and over the past several weeks my time on airplanes has been enlightening as I have consumed nearly every episode.

For the past several years I've worked in the management consulting/leadership development arena. In doing so I've worked with leaders at all organizational levels and across industries, helping to identify, teach, and sustain effective leadership principles and practices. I have long felt that we needed to be having similar conversations and examination of leadership in the church--thus I have so enjoyed your podcasts.


A good friend of mine who was released as a bishop about a year ago turned me onto you site. I really appreciate what you are doing here. I listen to your podcasts regularly and I always get one or two (or sometimes more) great ideas from you or the people that you interview. Each little thing has helped me in my ministry with my little ward here in Louisiana. Thank you and keep up the fantastic work!


I wanted to thank you for the work you've done on Leading Saints, it's meant the world to me as a new Bishop. I only wish I had started listening sooner. 🙂 Almost weekly, I reference or use something that I first learned about from your podcast. For example, we use Asana in our Ward, and it's a lifesaver, between that and Google Drive, we've got everything we need at our fingertip. I found the Andy Chatham PDF, "Bishop's Guidebook" through you, and your recent podcast on "Stages of Faith" was an awesome intro in Fowler's work, as a few recent instances... Thank you!


I just had to say thank you, again. Your blog and podcast are such a great resource to me. I was just suggesting a couple of posts to my husband. We keep looking at the ward list and seeing more and more people being added that we don't know and we need to find them. I shared with them how you engage your ward members in finding those unknown people in your ward and then suggested he take a look at Batchgeo. In less than 24 hours he uploaded the ward list and had a map. We discovered that some of the addresses we have on record aren't even valid addresses! At least we know which doors not to knock on. And we know which households aren't on our records and we could reach out to as neighbors.
We're considering using this map to assign members who live on the same street to find those we don't know. We also are going to use it to help with service projects at member's houses. It's an easy way to identify who the neighbors are and invite them to come help, regardless of membership or activity.
Thanks again!


My sister just thanked me for introducing her to your podcast. She said to tell you it has helped her in so many ways and to keep up the good work!


I have a hard time preparing lessons and coming up with creative ways to teach, as well as coming up with questions to get the class interacting. Your teaching helps have been an answer to my prayers. I wanted to make sure and thank you for taking the time to prepare this, your insight is going to help me tremendously to have a more effective, spiritual lesson. I hope to see more teaching help in the upcoming weeks <3 thank you, again.


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