Bill Reel from Mormon Discussion Podcast joins me again for chapter 2 in our discussion about the leader’s role in assisted Church members that experience a faith crisis.

In this interview we discuss the framework of the Fowler 6 Stages of Faith. Understanding these concepts will help LDS leaders gain a deeper perspective of the stages people experience when facing serious doubts of faith. Bill spends some time explaining what each faith stage represents and then why stages 3 and 4 are the most important stages for a Church leader to understand. We also discuss how leaders can create room for these individuals in their ward or quorums.

For better understanding on this topic, check out our first interview about helping other through a faith crisis.


Links & Resources:

Critical Journey Book

Adam Miller Website

Stages of Faith (a deeper explanation)

Faith Development & Faith Formation: More Than Just Ages and Stages

An article from an LDS leader addressing how to make more room for Stage 4 Mormons

Excerpts from Elder Marlin K. Jensen’s discussion at Utah State University

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