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Firesides, Workshops, and 5th Sunday Lessons

Leading Saints is constantly striving to develop content in various forms that will help Latter-day Saint leaders be more prepared to lead. We generally do this through podcasts, articles, and online training. In order to better assist specific segments of the Leading Saints audience, we are also invited to conduct live workshops and firesides that give leaders a more interactive experience.

Below is some information about how these live events work and how you can request an event or workshop in your area of the world.

Potential Topics

Supporting Those Who Question

In this presentation, we talk about best practices in supporting individuals in your ward or family who have started to question their faith in the church. We discuss stages of faith and why some individuals wrestle with religious belief while others don’t. We discuss research and proven ways that an individual can effectively approach an individual seeking help through their doubts.

Ministering to LGBT Members

In this presentation, Bennett and Beckie Borden tell their story about experiencing same-sex attraction and being in a same-sex marriage and relationship for many years prior to returning to the Church and prior to their marriage to each other. Bennett and Becky both grew up in the South with active Latter-day Saint families. They met about 28 years ago when Bennett was a young man and serving his mission in Becky’s ward. Bennett became close to Becky’s family and over the years they have remained friends. In their early 20s, both Bennett and Becky came out as gay, left the Church and went on to live a gay lifestyle for many years. After many years away they both decided separately they wanted to come back to the Church. They met up at Becky’s family reunion and knew they should get married. They returned to church attendance, were married, and after time had their blessings restored and were sealed in the temple. A lot can be learned and gained from their amazing story, their relationships, their faith transition, their interactions with family and church leaders, and their spiritual experiences. 

Effective Ministering Workshop

This is a great presentation for leadership groups (ward & stake councils and their counselors). It is designed to be a workshop format rather than a traditional fireside presentation. This allows presidencies to work together to formulate effective plans in establishing ministering in their respective Relief Society or quorum.

General Leadership

In this fireside or 5th Sunday presentation, Kurt Francom discusses general leadership principles he has learned from producing 300+ podcast where he has interviewed Latter-day Saint leaders from across the world. This is a dynamic presentation with video & audio clips that focus the audience’s attention on how to be a leader and not just a calling. We discuss how to magnify a calling, find passion in their week-to-week service. All in attendance will leave inspired and motivated to engage in the success of the ward.

Speaker Bio:

Kurt Francom is the founder and executive director of Leading Saints, a nonprofit organization helping lay leaders be prepared to lead. He manages the day-to-day efforts of Leading Saints and is the host of the podcast by the same name. Leading Saints has reached leaders internationally and receives as many as 45,000 visitors to their website and as many as 50,000 podcast downloads each month. Kurt currently lives in Holladay, Utah with his lovely wife Alanna. They are blessed to have two children (girl and boy). He enjoys drawing caricatures, playing basketball, reading, and watching college football. Kurt has served as a full-time missionary (California Sacramento), a bishopric counselor, bishop, 1st counselor in a stake presidency, and elders quorum president.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leading Saints sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Leading Saints is not affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are an independent 501c3 non-profit organization that is faithful to the Church’s teachings and we are supported by current and former lay leaders in the Church. Learn more on our ABOUT PAGE.

Do you travel outside the Wasatch Front?

Yes. The following must be provided by someone in the local ward or stake for us to travel:

  • Air travel cost
  • A private room with access to a private bathroom
Does my bishop have to invite you?

Every bishop or stake president is required to contact the priesthood leader of any guest speaker that comes to their ward/stake. Before making contact with Leading Saints, be sure your priesthood leader has approved. Once contact is made we give you information on how to contact the speaker’s priesthood leader.

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