Jethro Jones is a school principal in Kodiak, Alaska. He currently serves as the 2nd counselor in his ward’s bishopric, and has also served as elder’s quorum president, and Sunday School president. He shares from his interesting experience being a member in Alaska and the challenges that come to running a ward on an island.

Jethro also runs two different podcasts that I would recommend you check out.

Transformative Principal – Jethro interviews other school principals that have made a difference or have a unique approach to their job.

Learned in Primary – Jethro Jones and his co-host analyze various popular books and apply them to the LDS world. They seek for truth and ways to improve LDS lives through these well-researched books.

Jethro’s 5 Keys to Leadership

  1. Know what stories you are telling yourself (Jethro wrote a great article about this principle)
  2. Empathy – start with good intentions
  3. Ask Questions
  4. Let your testimony shine through no matter what you are doing.
  5. “Tell me more…”

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