Robert and Shauri Quinn are a father, daughter duo who has put together a remarkable book titled Letter from Home: How to Lift Your Missionary & Unify Your Family. This book is a perfect read for families and leaders that are striving to connect with a missionary in their life.

In this intervew we talk with Robert and Shauri and discuss what principles leaders need to understand in order to better prepare the future missionary and their family in order to grow closer together when they are serving far apart from each other.

Interview Highlights:

  • Bob & Shauri’s background (7:00)
  • When they realized they had a book (14:00)
  • How Bob set expectations with his children to be extraordinary missionaries (17:20)
  • The discover of this powerful letter writing process (23:00)
  • Putting a letter writing plan together with the entire family (28:00)
  • Who is the missionaries’ most interested investigator? (32:30)
  • How to influence missionaries to improve their letter writing to their family (38:30)
  • How leaders can use this resource to help future missionaries be better letter writers (48:00)
  • How leaders can apply these same principles to their quorums and wards (53:00)
  • Some simple tactics to help you start writing better letters today (57:00)


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