Mary Wilson and her husband live in Puyallup, Washington outside of Seattle. They are the parents of four children and five grandchildren. She is a convert to the church and was baptized shortly after marrying her husband. Education is very important in their lives. Both she and her husband have earned advanced degrees that includes her PhD from the University of Colorado in Leadership Research and Policy. Sister Wilson explains she pursued this doctoral degree not only to further her career but to also prepare her to serve more fully in church callings. In this interview we learn great wisdom from Sister Wilson who has served twice in recent years as a Relief Society President.

Leadership principles discussed include:

  • What leading by example truly means
  • The art of selective neglect
  • The difference between conflict and contention
  • That conflict resolution is a skill that takes practice and time to develop
  • Striving for excellence and goodness instead of perfection
  • What a typical week looks like for a Relief Society President
  • Thoughts on helping Visiting Teachers fulfill their assignments


Links and References Mentioned in this Episode:
– October 2014 General Conference
– Which Way Do You Face? – Elder Lynn G. Robbins – October 2014 General Conference
– General Conference Talks about Conflict and Contention
– recommended books about Conflict Resolution
– Dan Clark – BYU Devotional – “The Art of Significance: Achieving the Level Beyond Success.”
– “Opportunities come, and then they are gone” – President Thomas S. Monson
– “There is an irrigation analogy normally used in the Church of “getting the water to the end of the row.” However, at stake and ward levels, it would be far better for you priesthood leaders and auxiliary officers to simply “let it rain” from heaven.” – Elder Richard G. Scott

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