Gail Miller is the owner and chair of the board of directors of the Larry H. Miller group of companies, which includes 65 car dealerships, the Utah Jazz basketball team, Utah Bees baseball team, a chain of movie theatres, and related businesses. She is also a mother, a former Relief Society president, and the author of “Courage to Be You: Inspiring Lessons from an Unexpected Journey”.

Episode Highlights

  • 1:45 How the book came to be
  • 6:15 Gail’s service experience as a Relief Society president
  • 10:55 Coming back from inactivity in the church
  • 16:40 Saying the right thing to those who are grieving
  • 18:10 Developing yourself as the spouse of a leader
  • 20:55 Patience as the wife of a busy entrepreneur and as a woman in the church
  • 25:00 Making decisions as a leader
  • 27:30 Stewardship and service


Courage to Be You: Inspiring Lessons from an Unexpected Journey

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