Rachel Davis is a two-time Primary president and lives in Santa Clarita, California, with her husband and children. She was raised in the LDS Church as her family traveled internationally and around the United States for her father’s work. She blogs at TheMormonHome.com where she posts resources for LDS families and Primary leaders.

Episode Highlights

  • 3:00 Rachel’s background and blogging experiences
  • 9:15 How living internationally shaped her experience in the church
  • 13:00 The bulletin board metaphor
  • 14:30 Rachel’s family story and development of her testimony
  • 19:20 “Digging deep” in developing a testimony
  • 22:50 Gay marriage issue in California and her family
  • 24:40 Diversity of thought in a room
  • 29:00 Primary presidency experience
  • 32:30 How Rachel’s Primary operates
  • 39:40 Five Leadership Principles
    1. Stop trying to find someone to tell you No
    2. 42:10 Every time you start a program, think about how you’re going to finish it (traditions are perilous)
    3. 44:10 Church is a volunteer organization, not a corporation
    4. 46:15 Be ready to apologize all the time
    5. 49:45 Practice spiritual self-care
  • 54:10 Seeing the big picture with Primary children


Microphone Rachel’s ward uses in Primary


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