Megan Hanson is originally from Idaho and has lived in Utah and now Arizona. She has taught in Primary, Young Women, youth classes, and gospel doctrine, and offers lesson helps for parents and teachers to help them be confident and stay on top of teaching Come Follow Me at Love Pray Teach. In this podcast, she talks about effective methods of leading and teaching online lessons with Primary children.


5:40 Plan (for Primary presidencies)

  • Decide what is age-appropriate to teach online
  • Ask the parents what you can do to help them
  • Decide how you’re going to use whatever platform you’re using and learn all the things about it, such as how to use the whiteboard or breakout rooms on Zoom
  • Use your counselors
  • Work with your songleaders and figure out what to do; don’t do something just because someone else is

11:05 Prepare the lesson

  • Are you going to use visuals? songs? a board behind you?
  • How long are you going to talk?
  • Do I need to email or drop off anything to the children? Do parents need to be prepared with anything, such as paper and crayons? Let them know if you want their screens on
  • Find the best ways to communicate with parents (use them all as possible)

14:00 Participate

  • Be a little overdramatic
  • Be okay with chaos – remember why you are doing this
  • Bring some variety to it and stay away from the talking head
  • Have a reward system and use their names

20:20 Perfection is not your goal

  • Be okay with families that do not participate

23:50 People are struggling with a lack of connection but that is what we need

Facebook group: Latter-day Saint Primary Presidencies
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