Update 9/21/2018: Outside of the recording of the interview, Kaley shared with Kurt that she had recently been diagnosed with cancer. She was hopeful about the prognosis and since then the Leading Saints team has been cheering her on in her battle. Sadly, our hearts were broken (along with many others) when we received word she passed away on September 12, 2018, due to the effects of cancer. She was a woman who faced so much adversity in this life and still found a way to love and lead others. How grateful we are for a Savior that will lift Michelle above mortality as well. See Michelle Kaley’s Obituary to learn more about her remarkable life.


In this episode of the How I Lead segment, we head down to Austin, Texas to speak with Michelle Kaley. Michelle is from Southern California who is a mother of four and has been a dance instructor for over 22 years. If life isn’t busy enough being a mother and working she is also serving as the young women president in her ward.

In her early teens Michelle was a victim of sexual abuse by multiple abusers. This lead to promiscuity, partying and being disfellowshipped before she was 16 years of age. She met her future husband at the age of 17 and introduced him to the Gospel. He was baptized soon after and they were eventually sealed in the temple for time and eternity.

Michelle’s trials with sexual abuse did not end there. She was later raped by a coworker. Michelle’s experiences with sexual abuse has given her a unique perspective in regards to the atonement and how to teach sexual purity to the youth of today. She discusses her approach to talking to her young women about the law of chastity and repentance and how bishops and other leaders can approach youth who might feel that their value and Virtue is lost or diminished.


  1. Love them as he would, treat them as he would.
  2. Be a coach, not a boss.
  3. Teach them to lead.
  4. Make it about them.
  5. The gospel is designed for the individual.
  6. Always have a Plan B and C and D and maybe even an E.


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