The Food Order Reference Guide is a tools used by bishops, branch presidents, Relief Society presidents, or anyone else that is tasked with filling out an LDS Food Order Form. This reference guide is a 8.5″ by 11″, durably laminated, 3 page guide. The purpose of this guide is to help LDS leaders more effectively feed families and individuals in need of food. Without this guide it can be difficult to calculate how much food to order that will sufficiently feed a family in need.

The Food Order Reference Guide has an easily understandable infographic on the front. This diagram teaches those in need how LDS church welfare works. It teaches those unfamiliar with church programs that food and resources the Church has available come from their neighbor’s donations who have fasted for two meals a month and donated the money saved to the fast offering program.

Inside the Food Order Reference Guide you will find a layout very similar to the Church’s official food order form that gives serving sizes of each item and menu ideas to help family easily cook nutritious meals.

It is the mission of Leading Saints to increase leaders’ capability in the Church across the world. The more bishop’s, branch presidents, and Relief Society presidents use the Food Order Reference Guide, the more the Church will conserve resources and more effectively feed families by giving them the amount of food they are needing.

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Physical description: laminated 8.5″ by 11″

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If you would like to print out just the serving size page in pdf format visit the Food Order Servings Per Container Cheat Sheet

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