Elder Jeffrey R. Holland always delivers when he speaks! No matter the occasion or topic he always leaves the congregation filled with emotion. Why is this and how can all leaders produce this result?

From the moment Elder Holland begins his remarks he always (figuratively) lays his heart and feelings on the podium. He refuses to hold back emotion. He is direct, clear, and unapologetic. He is there to clearly communicate the point of his remarks wrapped with feeling.

When was the last time you spoke as a leader to your ward, quorum, or organization with such love and emotion? People will listen with feeling if you talk with feeling. This creates motivation to build that kingdom like nothing else.

Take note that even though Elder Holland speaks with emotion, his words never produce negative emotion. He doesn’t want you to feel guilty or lacking or insufficient. He leaves you motivated and dignified. Never put down the quorum, always lift them and show them what they can become.

Such emotionally filled talks should not be reserved for General Conference or even sacrament meeting. Those you lead should feel such power of emotion in every ward council, quorum meeting, and even during a one-on-one interview.

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