There is a considerable amount of loneliness in leadership. Some days, as a leader, feel like loneliness is all that exists. The rough days of leadership send my mind to the words of President Hinckley in 1969. The speech was later titled The Loneliness of Leadership. It has become one of my favorite talks he gave because it talks so directly to the weight of leadership. So much so, that I play a clip from the talk to begin every Leading Saints podcast episode. Elder Hinckley had been an apostle for 8 years at the time of this BYU talk and little did he realize the responsibility that would be placed on his shoulders in the coming years, and the loneliness he would feel.

In this episode I share various clips from this talk and how they are so applicable to leading in modern day, as they were in 1969. It’s a powerful talk that will resonate with all leaders.

After listening, please share your impressions in the comments section below.


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