Justin Hale is a Master Trainer at VitalSmarts, a corporate training company in Provo, Utah, that teaches leadership principles. Justin has had the opportunity to apply the principles he teaches in his church callings, previously as an Elder’s Quorum President and currently as a member of a Young Single Adult ward bishopric. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, he served a mission in the Philippines and earned his undergraduate degree from BYU in Social Psychology. It was through those studies that he became interested in understanding why people do what they do.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is VitalSmarts? (3:40)
  • How he was called to the YSA bishopric (9:00)
  • VitalSmarts Leadership Principles Helpful in the Bishopric (13:00)

Being Clear Up Front About How Decisions are Made in a Group

  • Explain which of four types of decisions will be made: a consult, a vote, a command, or a consensus
  • A bishop wants ward council members to contribute because he values their opinions (15:30)

The Six Source Model (17:20)

  • Answers the question “Why do people do what they do?”
  • A variety of reasons why people don’t follow through (19:00)
    • Ability vs. motivation
    • Factors such as social skills and environment
  • Helps pinpoint where a problem is (24:00)
  • Prevents us from oversimplifying

Accountability in Church Callings (26:00)

  • Starts with specific expectations
  • Establish an environment where it’s okay to discuss difficulties (31:00)

Invite the Differences (33:20)

  • Ask the question after sharing your opinion: The measure of a good question is the degree to which it invites difference

How Teaching These Principles Have Made Him a Better Disciple of Jesus Christ (37:15)

  • Learning how to show forth an increase in love: before, during, and afterwards


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